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G Rocka - Team COB lyrics

[Hook: Crooked I]
Through out ugliness my team there with me
It's all Lovie Smith my team bare with me
You know my team bare with me
You know COB is the best

[Verse 1: Kenny Siegel]
Kenny is a beast, so niggas is whatever
You touchscreen niggas y'all sensitive to pressure
My flow switches like the weather vicious with the letters
I'm murder on top of sheets every written is a stretcher
No deputy but step to me if you want the heat
Low key so they can't detect if I'm on the street
If you want the purp step into my office sir
We can even share if you wanna chief
But if there's no loot in it I ain't gonna speak
‘Cause I hustle while you're under cover I ain't gonna sleep
While I'm still making references to police like a racist cop
Niggas scared when I'm on the beat

[Verse 2: Andrew "Dice" Dinero]
This is COB and we the four quarters
Serving the whole world that's why they call us world order
Worse than man slaughter mix horseshoes with slaughter house
That equals a horse man slaughter
You know of none of me I dare devils to stunt on me
Underneath the front seat's where the gun'll be when I hunt MCs
Upon the sheets I cut your wife like sunny D
I mean OJ my notes are doper than a hundred keys
My gun a blame them,and them I'm gonna squeeze that random
Give you the holy ghost I see shots to your phantom
Brawl styles I work the beat like a cop, bitch
Long Beach ask Snoop about this COB shit


[Verse 3: Demetrius Capone]
Holy crap, I spit holy crap
What a nigga know about that
I spit biblical shit
Turn pricks into dead homie tats
Then I go brapp whoever tattoo you on they back
So your name can't live on
Then I'm rocking the holy golie mask
It's metaphor, metamorphosis
Reservoirs, headless horsemen shit
I severed the heads of the four horsemen
With a forth battle swordsmanship
[Lyrics from: https:/]
The predator will teleport towards you
To let the hells war comence
This is the portrait of war
My height is several stories more elite
My mind is the thirteen level floor
Can't find it
It never more exists, it's missin'
I call the eagle desert storm, listen
Sayonara, shots are flying saucers
Get it? you didn't know I was with that business
Like a silent partner

[Verse 4: Iceman]
Iceman, I got howitzer aim
You can't even see how high my calibres ranked
COB yeah we tower the game
If you mad at the higher ups than we the tower to blame
And no matter which direction you rerouting your plane
‘Cause we got rocket launchers that keep cowards away
Red beam throughout your face
Leave without a trace is like government fund you when I'm rubbing
Leave your mid section 8
If you thinking 'bout taking my narcotics
I'mma stick your arm socket
With a sharp object your hearts clouded
Yeah, sonnin' you rappers no Maury show
Just 'cause you sniff powder don't mean you can't absorb the blow


[Verse 5: Julius Luciano]
My team in the building before everybody liked contractors
I stand by my words,perfect up my lines, line backup
You lyin' bastards is nigh factors
The nine fracture, you spyin' to nine fractions
You can run but you're not faster
Get hollow chips my gun ring that's the call of duty
Put in between you two on your gay ass then call you Rudy
Young Julius,look how I'm styling my veins
Bitches love me like Ryan Reynolds, but I'm wilder than Van
My niggas get paid with the arms
Try to stop me you would get picked in the arm
You motherfucker should be waiting your turn
If you don't have money that ain't my concern
I put it down like I finish with it
You bitches enough, my dick is in it
You niggas don't know how to throw games
I'm in the mouth off in the pitchin'

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