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G Rocka - Millenniums of Murder lyrics

The final moment has come

[Verse 1]
Worldwide violence, unified tyrants and suicide pilots
Utilize science with the do-or-die mindset
Step in the lion's den, Leviathan, Orion's head
Destroy you then resurrect only to let you die again
Hundred man karate rumbles, bounty hunter body doubles
Jeff Hannemans with Nazi ovens, the Malachi brothers
Some will eat while others die in hunger
Cry and hug like when a reunited child and mother find each other
Meanwhile my music incite the fans
Got an army of Syko Sams to shoot your high school until the rifle jams
Waiting to exhale, unexplainable chemtrails
We set sail for parts unknown searching for death's grail
Stumbled to the end of the tunnel but didn't see light
Machine gun-toting Levites, suicidal Sunnis, exploding Shiites
The holy man swore he seen Christ
And yet still he craves to take his enemy's life

I've been through centuries of fights, millenniums of murder
18 a key the price, defending them with burners
Take heed to advice, these dudes is heavy earners
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Creeping like thieves in the night, we know we make you nervous

"They shall learn the price of their arrogance! Lock on homing devices and eradicate New York now!"

[Verse 2]
Stumble in looking like Hobgoblin
Lamas popping, choppers and rocket-propelled conflict
Firearms create the hollow tip mosh pit
Swap cars, Al-Qaeda entourage, Canarsie summertime, Chaka Kahn, Blockparty Ricardo Montalban
Fuck your Fila suit, my guys shoot aliens
Who try to colonize inside tubes
All the while view mankind how predators define food
Heard this from a Mossad dude who resembled Tom Cruise
Truth-revealer, teach you how to put your kids through school
With two kilos, smooth hero, drink forties and shoot Cee-Lo
Fuck a bipolar, Mike Tyson fighting bolo
Kid Joe biopolo, album cover suicide photos
Corporate octopus, slaughter cult conquerors
War intoxicants, the Devil owns his own rocketships
Your karma been deposited, indulge in human sacrifice where the apostles live
Jeffry Dahmer's crib, nondescript from the true horror locked within
Let the eagle pop then dip, watch your mouth, you could get shot to shit
Right inside your crib, fuck a 2012 Apocalypse
Matter fact, open up your mouth and swallow this

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