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G Perico - Big Pimpin' (Freestyle) lyrics

I woke up this morning feelin' good as a motha f**a
opened my window and screamed, "Who really gettin money?"
Well I don't dick when I dick these hoes out,
right after I nut I gotta kick these hoes out
I'm on my James Bond 30 martini with the (?) shot
stacking rows stacking crip lace with extra (?)
runnin checks through the roof,
my baby momma hate me so bad
she say everything but the truth
that c**aine ain't good for ya
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one more boost and sh** driving people crazy that I ain't losing
gotta keep protection, when I'm walking through the mall it's just me and my buddy- f** a bodyguard
I like that high (indental?) now can't stop crippin now
still in the hood but it's different now Big Zag turned me to a hustler
I seen that n***a getting so much money I'm like I gotta do something
first time I seen 80 in cash I'm like damn I'm like man, like I don't really go and get it
f** these seven grands
we live (lol f** it I give up someone else finish it)

*** Thanks Brentley Robertson for these lyrics

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