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G Jones - Servin lyrics

My nigga watch yo back this shit get real vicious
Ain't shit change niggas still killin'
I ain't change I'm still the same nigga
Niggas spreading lies on my name nigga?
Nigga watch yo back this shit get real vicious
Ain't shit change niggas still envy
Can't fuck with my family I don't trust em
In the bible a nigga killed his own brother

[Verse 1]
Free my brother out the pen but he don't love me
Did all that I could and he said fuck me
Nigga tried to play me like I'm puffing crack
A nigga think I'm pussy I'mma fucking laugh
I'm weird to be around me I guess I'm traumatized
I guess I'm so fucked up from seeing my Momma dying
Can't keep a straight face looking in people eyes
Can't even shed a tear sometimes it's hard to cry
Send yo ass to hell where it's pitch black
Snatch a nigga soul he won't get it back
Man I miss my niggas and I love them
But they on the other side so I can't fuck with them
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Don't fuck with the kid that nigga is dangerous
I'm a real shooter you niggas is fakin'
Do me harm and my nigga I'm aimin'
A lot of niggas say they shooters it's easy to say it


[Verse 2]
Yeah, I done been scared for my fucking life
I remember times I ain't wanna fight
Had to get nuts and get some ball juice
Try to rob me I'mma off you
Cried tears on my Grandma flo'
Had a lot of money but I ain't have hope
And I ain't have jokes
Cause ain't shit funny when you ain't got hope (ok)
6 years old I was sent to the doctor
Pistol get to singing like it sing in the opera (ugh)
Better bring you a choppa
You bring me a problem tell em bring you a doctor


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