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G Jones - God Flow (Freestyle) lyrics

Living in a maze, I ain't in a trap
Trials and tribulations that's what got me where I'm at
Spill the realist from my past so you know that it's for real
Was talking to the devil man like this is not for real
Word to Lil Wayne saw the devil in my features
Always held my own I never ever needed features
Go around my cousins and they be actin' strange
Was messin' with my brain cause my brother did the same
Ya'll ain't got no love for G?
n***a me?
Everything that I contribute to the team?
From day one had a plan to make it and to take em out
Of the hood and provide and try to make a way up out
I guess they disregard that, it ain't what the sake fo'
I was writing music I was never watching cable
These n***as looking mad I'm like why these n***as hate fo'
n***as shootin' rounds you don't really want a halo
I was doing whatever just to try to get us on
Could show the most love and they still a want you gone
Remember back when we ain't even have phones
Tryna rob the pizza man just to come up on some dough
I ain't have nowhere to go when my mama kicked me out
Dun missed a lot shots but it take bricks to build a house
Seen them n***as sneak dissin' they don't know what I'm about
They just go off hearsay and they don't try to figure out
Cause when a n***a hate you all they do is tell lies
And they don't tell the truth because the truth is in disguise
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Give em what you got and they take it and despise
They see you and they smile but it's a frown in disguise
What's crazy is I think my n***a tried to set me up couldn't wait to get back just to wet a n***a up
But God told me chill and he told me to forgive and I know it's real cause it's everything I feel
Could you stand over a man, and look him in his eyes?
And tell him what's the reason right before you get to squeezin?
It's the blood of Jesus prayin' that you sink in
It's such a cold world but I'm feeling God breathe in
Every time I see them n***as they be actin' funny
Then when I confront em they be actin' like it's nothin
But when I'm around em the vibe ain't the same
Like I ain't finna notice when the vibe start to change
All glory up to God I been living luxury
Even with no money n***a even when I'm strugglin'
Loyalty is a must and it's living in my heart
Never cross somebody who was down from the first
And watch out for ya friends they might want to take ya place
Whisper in another n***a ear right in front ya face
Cross ya real homies just to hang around the snakes
Til they go and cross you after eatin' off ya plate
Prayin for the snakes cause them n***as slick and sly
The devil all up in em and I know they need God
Spirits all up in him I can see it in his eyes
I got the spirit of discernment gifted just to recognize
Living on the block I used to analyze the movements
Stealin' turned to robbin' and the fightin' turned to shootin'
Sex turned to babies, bad turned to crazy
When n***as start hit prison that's when winning turn to losin'

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