G Herbo - Just Bars 2: NYC Edition lyrics


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G Herbo - Just Bars 2: NYC Edition lyrics

Everyday I wake up, I just I expect the worst that's just how I prevent sh** from happening man. That's how I move how I move, you know well protected. It's G Herbo

[Verse 1]
Every night I sleep, I dream of n***as plotting on me
Catch me smiling, joking, smoke me with my Glock on me (damn) I don't f** with n***as, RocBlock only
When Kobe told me " f** the opps, you gotta watch homies."
I'm the type to keep it cool & just watch them slowly
I learned how to read n***as when I was a shorty
Better watch your shorty, I got this b**h right on me
I feel like Robert Horry, I can't end up a story
Get on that beat & spit my life, tell them just record me
That's on my n***as ask about me, think I'm telling stories
G Herbo been the man 7-9 RocBlock that's where I stand
Catch me on EA that's Fazoland, black 4-5 Glock like Fazo head And my respect still go to you, I got your name lit
And ever since you left we still been on the same sh**
Said we got hunnid rounds cause we getting money now
But I'll still gun them down & get bond out for a hunnid thou

150 Dream Team The Campaign It's G Herbo
RocBlock, Fazoland, Pistol Gang, Long Live King Cap
I don't know, I just been grinding I don't know what I'm working on, a tape or a album ya feel me
I just been reminiscing about my n***as real sh** look though check it

[Verse 2]
Remember Fazo hit a lick for a hunnid thou
That sh** wasn't nothing then & still that sh** ain't nothing now
I might have been like 12 then but sh** I'm 20 now
And in the last couple weeks I spent like 20 thou
But you know if I spent 20 I had to save 40
Get that paper stacking, I can't hustle backwards
These n***as more in love with stuntin' than they love the money
These hoes the reason why one day you gone wake up with nothing
We link up, f** it, make her s** it, hit these hoes with nothing and I'm recording in New York now so that's word to mother
I left the house at 8AM ain't give that word to mother, skipped school I wanted bread I had to serve the bu*ter
I serve ya sister, serve ya granny, I'll serve ya mother
This information vital, it's all about survival
I wouldn't respond to Twitter beef, I don't like going viral
Cause if a n***a get at me it might get homicidal

I don't even.. I-I feel like I got to much to lose man so I don't even anticipate all that f** sh** man I'm on defense
n***as know what it is G Herbo man I keep it on me & I don't even like doing none of that talking cause I already know the spotlight already on me
I'm trying to provide for my mama, my sister, my family ,all my n***as
You know what I'm saying look this for my mama right now

[Verse 3]
I eat sleep sh** & piss the grind
I put in hours with no sleep trying to get it, that wasn't for sh** but for my wrist to shine
I'm talking Lista-rhymes, minds spinning, switch the lines
Roll up & get high I'm in it then I take my time wit it
All I knew was money, hoes, go buy clothes, money, hoes
Now I just won't do now I just don't want nothing from no bummy hoes
n***as chasing b**hes man I had them since a runny nose
Mama said she thought I was a baby with another soul
Grew up in the hood all my life, seen a lot of sh**
Hollow tips, fly out that Tre pound make his body flip
n***as get caught with that sh**, pop out act like they not a snitch. I been through a lot of sh** don't give a f** about a lot of sh**
I been broke was stressing wanting to give up & all kind of sh**
Got up on my grind now I gotta pay my mama rent
Fly to LA for a month I rent a crib do what I want
Buy Balmains, smoke 50 blunts, lifestyle 10K a month

And all the real b**hes put your hands up, all my Trap n***as put them bands up
All them down b**hes put your hands up & if you gone ride wit him put your hands up
Put them bands up, real n***as put them bands up
True Story, G Herbo, 150 Dream Team