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I came to college, hoping and praying I'd find knowledge
That, I'm gonna open my mind, because "Liberal Education"
I'll travel to another nation
I'll take my mind and maybe divide it into "iterations"
Apply it to, every single one of these different theories
So when I get out of college I'll be like "Yo I can see clearly"
But instead, I find myself trapped in a complex
So many ideas, and I just want to get an accomplished opinion
So what is the solution? These crimes that are looped in my mind
Every time I get into a bind, every time I read a page, Every time I try to see
I am confounded by own thoughts deep inside me

In West Philadelphia, born and raised
On the playground is where he spent most of his days
Chillen out, maxing out, outside of school
Growing out his mustache behind the school
Then a couple of Caldwells, who were up to no good
Started making service projects in his neighborhood
He got into one little Belize, and his mom got scared
She said: "We're moving back to India where all of your friends are"

And I just can't solve them on my own
Oh wait, yeah I'm just here on a college loaaannnnnnnnnnn
Shoot, cause if I was paying for college myself
I'd get owned, it's the truth yeah
So let me drop it down straight to the truth, like the Book of Ruth
... It's not a book, she's just a character...
In the Bible, but you know that I'm about to drop it down
Okay, that's why my name is known around town
I try to keep the frown upside right, you get it?
Cause you know how I move when I'm in flight
Yeah, I'm inspired my Neel's rhymes that are so tight

Yeah, even though I'm like, my skin doesn't have to be
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My advertising, you know I'll never spot that, me from rising
You know, I'm just inspired by people like Neel
Going abroad, gonna explore the world
Gonna explore everything that they wanna to see
Everything they wanna be, they not gonna live vicariously
That means, that's not for us, cause we, we...

We challenge ourselves, put ourselves where we want to (THAT'S SERVICE)
Yeah, you know how we do it just let 'em know (LEADERSHIP)
We want to know what it really means to be (CALLLLDWELLLLLL)
What it really means to serve, yes WORD!

Shoot, no longer in the fast lane
But you know how the three, I always drain
Brainstorm rain, because when I go they got everything...
Yeah, So, alright, I'm about... to pass this mic
Off to my man Gino, Cause you know he's always getting on that flow
Because of all the stuff he knows, he's like a roll....

Aww here it goes...

How do we find happiness in the first world?
We have all the diamonds and pearls
We twirl the pretty girls, but nothing's goin' right
I see no happiness in sight
So what's a brother supposed to do?
Get a degree, go to school?
Lay back and be cool, but in the end he's just a fool

We've been on the world for thousands of years
Lot's of blood, sweat, and tears
We shoulda figured it out by now
But everyone still says "How?"
We got our religion, but people just keep on sinning
Thinking that they will keep on winning, if they don't get caught
Tied up, in a big knot
Leaving all the brothers super fraught
They sought, the wrong thing, G-Fro aid it again, now I'm gonna pass the mic again...

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