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G-Fro - It's Been A Long Time (Feeling It) lyrics

G-Fro again on the mic, it's a blessin'
I do it to ease the minds of those stressin'
Folks tellin' me how to live but they just guessin'
Using writings and logistical regressions

Futile as endin' institutional oppression
But I know is accession only comes with aggression
And expression after finding life's obsession
I'm sure it's the cure for first-world depressions
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I'm convalescing from the tensions and learned lessons
I won't get into that in this rap session
Explore the dolor, masochists screaming for more
Can't forget pain, I'd let good times scar if I could

Still feel good cause more than three chicks "less than three" me
A short rap that's true, get this clue like Blue
And you'll decipher my mind
Succeed and you're mine

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