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G-Eazy - Got It Like That lyrics

Feat : Pell

I can't complain
I can't complain, oh no
I came to say whats on my mind

[Hook: Pell] x2
Who you know got it like that?
Who know run it make rappers get lapped?
Who you know got it like that? spend what I make but I get it right back
Then give it right back,work ten to ten I'm committed like that
But I might celebrate cause we winning like that
We been working the streets for a minute like that

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Who you know got it like that?
Burberry trench, I'm just mobbin' like that
Who you know takin' models down like that?
She wants me, I don't got a problem with that
But I'm not the one to call back
f** love, I want commas in fact
Interviews wanna know "heard your with so and so"
But let the whole world know that I can not comment on that
Cause I've got the biggest of plans
See what I do when I'm givin' a chance
Told RCA give me the biggest advance
I do this for me, not the critics and fans
And no, I don't listen to rants
From out of line f**s who can't stick to the dance
I might end up f**ing the world
You better hope I keep my dick in my pants
Mobbin' out Oakland, A's fitted
Haters keep tryin', I hope that they quit it
Watch me, I got this, you know you'll admitted
See what I like and I go and I get it
This is my sermon to tell, I got the world under a permanent spell
High life is where I'm determined to dwell
There's no games to play now that words to Pell

[Hook: Pell]
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[Bridge 1: Pell]
Just made a way
I can't complain I'm doing fine
No pain today
I came to say what's on my mind
(For a minute like that)

[Verse 2: Pell]
Heh, Pell, right
I'm grindin' so hard that I'm f**in'
No wonder that mulah keep comin'
Stock got so big I might even go public
Cause sharing is caring, break bread with my loved ones
Love for the custard, cream the only thing that I come with
My life so sweet its's disgusting
Love at a distance cause god all I'm trusting
If grace is inside them [?] I'm blessed
Labels want equity, but I ain't invest
In Paris with pops, in a [?]
Probably cause I bagged my own Mona Lisa
Da Vincis ain't as fly as my writing on features
Easy as Eazy
Calling the bay like Kehlani, my BB
Hit silver lake roll with CC
He Handle my business like Scooter and ScHoolboy like yawk and repeat it
Don't say you can't see it

[Brigde 2: Pell]
You ain't that blind to the fact
Let me show you what you're missin'
Don't fool yourself
Ain't dropped in a year still they play all my raps
Man who you know got it like that?

[Hook: Pell]

[Bridge 1: Pell]

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