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G-Eazy - 90210 lyrics

Ft: G-Eazy

[Intro: Blackbear]
(90210, 90210,)

[Verse 1: Blackbear]
What are you yellin for you’re screaming out your lungs all day and night
I can’t control a, girl like you
She need a Saturday away from home to drink more champagne
I can’t mold a, girl like you
In all designer, to remind ya
You can’t buy her, just her clothes
Can’t define her, can’t design her
In the 90210

[Chorus: Blackbear]
I can’t find her, I can’t find her
In the 90210
In the 90210

[Verse 1 + Chorus]

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
Yeah, uh
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Reverb on guitar plucks
Cigarettes and Starbucks
And her line of credits high
High as the line gets her that her credit card cuts
So in love with the scene, uh
So in love with being seen
Probably it’s time to intervene
But she doesn’t care, so she keep the party goin in the meantime
Kill us all over she can’t rewind
If she gets her fix well then she’s fine
I should prolly hit her with the peace sign
Says she wants me and I fall for it each time
She’s aware she’s a bad chick
Studyin in fitted cutted fabric
I really think her souls made of plastic
End of the story is inevitably tragic
Uh, yeah

[Chorus: Blackbear]

[Outro: Blackbear]
90210, 90210
Yeah, yeah
I need you, come get it
I need you, I need you
Come find it, come find it

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