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G Count [L.E.P Bogus Boys] - Chiraq Remix (Game Diss) lyrics

Why you get down on Durk, blood? x4

Why you wanna diss Durk, blood? You must wanna get murked, blood
350 car funeral line with The Game face on the shirt, blood
I be puttin in work skud you don't know shit about Chi-raq
Dickridin' me to get a pass, you don't know the G Count like that
You ain't plugged with the BD's, you ain't plugged with the GD's
You ain't plugged with the Black Stones, you definitely have to come see me
You ain't plugged on the Low End you don't know twins or the Hobo's
Lame this ain't no fuckin' game, quit name dropping Lil JoJo
And you gon' diss Kanye, must really want gun play
Clips long as runway, guaranteed to make the front page
Fuck around with the fuck around'ers and this is only ending up one way
And if my man was out I guarantee you'd get the same reaction from Bump J, yeah
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Better move with security, talkin' bout you gon'
Yung Berg somebody take who jewlery?
Boy you must be tryin' find out why the call this the murder capital
Think it's sweet and I gaurantee any-er'thing gon' happen to you
White T turned burgandy, rushin' you to emergency, you like "All I did was diss Durk" now niggas tryna murder me, as you undergoing surgery
Bloods getting all spiritual
Your momma like "Doc please save 'em," I can't promise no miracles
Miss me with that rap beef, I ain't the one you want to get onto with
Sayin' dawg, you's a O.G., don't get involved with lil homie shit
Keep a full clip, I'm on bullshit all day and night
Next time you wanna shout out L.E.P make sure you say it right
I ain't finna spit a hundred bars, bet you ain't finna diss one of ours
Think I'm finna let it slide, I'll have you divin' all under cars
Far as Chicago ridin' wit you, point 'em out, dem who?
Show me 'xactly who you talking 'bout I'll green light it on them too

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