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G Count [L.E.P Bogus Boys] - Buried Me Alive lyrics

(Honorable C-Note)
[Intro: DJ Drama]
Shout to Killer Ward, Rock Island, Humboldt Park
Can't forget the Jungle

[Chorus: Gucci Mane?]
Wake up in the morning, 'fore I hit the shower
Get up in the kitchen, it's gon' take a couple hours
The money and the power, the limit is the sky
With all these dead faces like they buried me alive (x3)

[Verse 1: Moonie]
Balling all day like I'm practicing on my free throws
Flossing like a bank, but you didn't hear that shit from me, though
Extended clips on bangers, I ain't even have to reload
I keep it hanging on me as if the shit was legal

But right back to that money talk, I'm liking how I sound
And my paper sounding right, so you know it's going down
All these dead presidents, it's like I'm at a funeral
Here today, gone tomorrow, politics as usual

[Chorus: Gucci Mane?]

[Verse 2: Count]
Thumb full of paper cuts, I'm numb on the other hand
The circulation cut off in my wrist from all these rubber bands
Hundred grand left to go, so I'm gon' be here for a minute
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Counter keeps on fucking up, the cord must got a shortage in it

I missed my court appearance, they snatched my bond from me
Tell the judge please forgive me, I was busy counting money
One zero zero comma zero zero zero dollars
And all these dead faces got it feeling like a funeral parlor


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane
I'm a stand-up guy, you're a liar say I lie down
[? ? ? ?] I [zipped/shipped?] 'em up, where? Tipping Chi-Town
Yeah, I hold that mac down, homie, check my background
This Desert Eagle that I keep, so big I [closed?] Shaq down

Matter of fact, I'm cooking crack
My best trait I bring it back
My goons are not [white?]
If you front, I might not bring it back

Keep it real, I keep a gat, battlefield is where I'm at
I'm [? ? ? ?] but you can catch me on the flat
Like a man, I'll lay you flat, [your ? ? ? ?] you'll hit the deck
Eighty and O undefeated, matter of fact, don't got a scratch

Tell your goon he met his match, fuck a vest, I'll hit your head
I wake up in the morning, grab my AK with the shoulder strap


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