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Future - Argentiny lyrics

[Verse 1]
Im straight outta pot piss
Bought da yop and then flood my wrist
Aquafina glacier got my neck on aguilera
f** her in the throat till i f** up dat b**h mascara
f**ing with that hoe you done danced around with the devil
Im gone off my medication / half of these n***as traded
My loyalty ain't for satin / I'm highly anticipated
Soon as that bently truck drop I'm getting it i f**ing made it
Ghost or the maserati / ill sh** on your dead body
These n***as ain't playing fair
These b**hes ain't playing fair
I just spent h**n fare on mollies and lean yeah
Designer thats all i wear (x2)
I just hit that b**h bare
I just f**ed that b**h bare
I f** ya then buy medusas / pull up in a barracuda
Sipping that lean with my shooter
I'm eating up at chinese buddha
Some fortures i gotta torture
These n***as getting out of order
Get knocked off for half a quarter
I'm alpo and richie porter
I'm ace boogie in his prime
I make n***as bump dat iron
I live in another line
I go talk to Farrakhan
[???] me a shotta /
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All the dope save my brothers (x2)
Give em a cake of butter
Show em how much I love em
Punk b**hes we don't trust em
These b**hes ain't playing fair
These n***as ain't playing fair
I just spent h**n fare on my designer gear
Designer my underwear / I got designer everywhere
I got designer everywhere (x2)
Money cars everywhere
My b**hes live everywhere
(Yeah Yeah)
My b**h took her skin and tried to bleach it
She say this foreign p**y got me tweaking
I Told her all this money got me geechee
Bend her over f** her in the a**hole
And i keep that hot with me mutambo
f** you p**y n***as.. donnie brasco
Drop em in a river with his eyes closed
I just f**ed this b**h in argentina
Pull the phantom up right there on rena
Me and C just went met with sarena
All these racks on me i got that nina
Tat that n***a name on your forehead
Selling c**aine on your boss head
Down in miami im with my Haitians
Got all of my b**hes out immigration
(I Swear)

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