Future - Rich Friday lyrics

Rich Friday lyrics


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[Hook: Future] Walking downtown with a fat booty freak You get a ring, so they don't visit your door 20 G's on me Designer from my head to the floor These n***as ain't seeing me These n***as think they wanna be me, but they know that they can't I got worldwide streets status Affiliated with the gangstas and k**ers Yeah, now my n***as, I ride for my n***as And I'm down for my n***as Yeah, yeah, yeah Rich friday [Verse 1: Future] What what, shout out to all my n***as k**in it Yeah, yeah, shout out to these b**hes feelin it Flyest n***a on the earth I live in the shook Type of n***a often go get you some giuseppe These young n***as that ride with me they scream murder The feds stash that n***a up and he out, dog, he working That yola all in my bloodline, still give me that money They come through and bang, bang on you like the screen 300 Codeine all in my stomach, big face, that Rolie Eating on that good jamaican with a n***a twistin that Dodie Sa pa my zoes, riding around with them Yoppas n***aa claiming they got shooters but they shooters ain't got bodies [Hook] [Verse 2: Nicki Minaj] Whoa, whoa, whoa, shout out to dem b**hes, trying to be me Yea yea yea, b**h I'm poppin' bottles, Dream of Genie Flyest b**h on the planet, live in a castle n***as love me, my little waist, my a** colossal These old b**hes, I f** with get money Dat Atlanta, dat Texas, dat Alabama - Montgomery He ain't f**in' no dummy,b**hes be f**in' to get dat money They pack, packin' dat gunny,n***a you talk sh** and get done-y I tiger dial that rollie,got that Angelina, that Jolie I'm plain jane'n, no ice in it, so ain't no need, for dat goalie My jet prolly say Boeing,b**hes be broke claimin', they ho'n This jacket here cost ten thousand, that tag on it say Balmain [Hook] [Verse 3: Juelz Santana] 40 grand for the sky dweller 4 grand on the Margiela's 44, I'm a pawn fella Bad b**h 40 times Wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, smoke My baby kissed my baby's daddy, gotta go Semi-automatic, ready for the show Clique full of k**ers, that's my band, we all rock and roll Drum roll for these n***as please We shopping for bodies, k**ing sprees We be in the club spending rent We be buying cars that these n***as rent Couldn't see me if I had no tint Superman that ho Clark Kent You choke, don't do [?], I'm always on some new sh** [?] tracking my movi [Hook] [Verse 4: French Montana] It's friday, it's friday 2 million dollars in the driveway I need more money ASAP Rocky Streetsweeper, get the floor moppin' I done started with a bank roll Whipping salt harder than tank door Smoking k**er, I am with a k**er Pull up to the dealer looking like a dealer In the droptop strapped, worth [?] Now he off the wall, million coffee pack I've seen dreams turned to 25 to life Mike had 25 a night And them shoes Alejandro Shawtie bust it open for a hundo [Hook]

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