All Freddie McGregor Songs

Songs In album
A House Is Not a Home Di Captain
All in the Same Boat (1986) * All in the Same Boat
Anything For You (2002) * Anything For You
Bad Mind * Legit
Bandulo * Bobby Bobylon
Bandulu * Bobby Bobylon
Big Ship Big Ship
Big Ship (1988) * Big Ship
Bobby Bobylon (1980) * Bobby Bobylon
Bobby Bobylon (2006) * Bobby Bobylon
Bobby Bobylon * Bobby Bobylon
Bobby Bobylon / One Step Beyond * Bobby Bobylon
Bone Lies * Legit
Born a winner -
Chant It Down * Showcase
Chant It Version * Showcase
Chilling Out * Legit
Come Now Sister * Bobby Bobylon
Cover for Me * Anything For You
Don't Play the Fool * Big Ship
Enough Love in Me * Anything For You
Everybody Plays the Fool * Push On
Freddie * Bobby Bobylon
Freddie McGregor (1987) * Freddie McGregor
Gatepa** to Your Heart Anything For You
Get Serious * Big Ship
Get United * Big Ship
Give Jah the Glory * Anything For You
Glad You're Here With Me * All in the Same Boat
Go Away Pretty Girl * Bobby Bobylon
Go Away Pretty Woman * All in the Same Boat
Gonna Take Over Now * Bobby Bobylon
Grooving Ahead * Signature
Hand in a De Fire * Signature
Here's to the Famous * Legit
Hold Me -
Holy Mount Zion * Big Ship
Home Boy * Legit
Homeward Bound * Bobby Bobylon
Hungry Belly Pickney * All in the Same Boat
I Am a Revolutionist * Bobby Bobylon
I Don't Wanna Lose You * Signature
I Found U -
I Man a Rasta * Bobby Bobylon
I See It In You -
I Wanna Know * Anything For You
I was born a winner -
I Wish There Was A Way -
I'll Do Anything * Anything For You
If You Wanna Go * Signature
If You Want It * Freddie McGregor
In the Park Version * Showcase
It Could Be Worst * Legit
Jah Is the Don * All in the Same Boat
Jah Jah Give We Love * Signature
Jah Will Bless You * Showcase
Jogging * Push On
Just Don't Want To Be Lonely Freddie McGregor
Key to the City * Signature
Kitchen Knife * Push On
Last Lick * Legit
Last Thing on My Mind * Signature
Legit (1993) * Legit
Legit * Legit
Let Me Be the One * Big Ship
Little Girl * Bobby Bobylon
Little Help Oh Jah * Push On
Look Me In The Eye * Freddie McGregor
Love One Another * Showcase
Lovers Rock Ja. Style * Showcase
Lovers Version * Showcase
Lovin' Every Day * Freddie McGregor
Loving Jah * Anything For You
Loving Pauper -
Mama, Mama * All in the Same Boat
Natural Collie -
Oh Ah La La * Anything For You
Overseeirs Version * Showcase
Peaceful Man * Big Ship
Poor Is a Crime * Push On
Prayer for Two * Anything For You
Prophecy -
Push come to shove All in the Same Boat
Push On (1994) * Push On
Push On * Push On
Quashie * Legit
Ragamuffin * All in the Same Boat
Rasta Man Camp * Bobby Bobylon
Rastaman Camp * Bobby Bobylon
Roots Man Skanking * Big Ship
Run From Trouble * Push On
Satisfy My Soul * Push On
Seek and You Will Find * Push On
Shame and Scandal * Push On
Shoulda Known Better * Signature
Showcase (1981) * Showcase
Showers of Blessing * Signature
Signature (2000) * Signature
Silver Lining * Freddie McGregor
Sitting in the Park * Showcase
Slow Down * Freddie McGregor
So Who? * Signature
Somewhere * All in the Same Boat
Stop Loving You * Big Ship
Sweet African Princess * Anything For You
Sweet Lady * Big Ship
Take Good Care of You * Signature
Tease My Love * Freddie McGregor
That Girl (Groovy Situation) * Freddie McGregor
The Overseeir * Showcase
The Voices Of Sweet Jamaica (All Star Remix) -
There Is a Reward for Me * Anything For You
This Is A Fix * Freddie McGregor
Three Little Birds -
To Be Poor Is a Crime -
Tomorrow Is Like Today * Bobby Bobylon
Try Love * Legit
Uncle Sam * Anything For You
Very Special Lady * Push On
We Need More Love * Bobby Bobylon
What About Love * Legit
What Difference Does It Make * Bobby Bobylon
What Goes Around * Signature
What You Gonna Do * Signature
When I'm Ready / Jacklyn * Bobby Bobylon
Wine of Violence * Bobby Bobylon
You Make So Very Happy * Push On