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Frappe Ash - Emptiness Rap Version lyrics

I thought it was fake, until it happens to me
This goes out to you, wherever you are, just stay happy...
I Love You... You know it right...
Khol dil ka darwaja, dekh chahat ki ye galiyan,
Parvat ki ghataon me dekh bahar ki yeah kaliyan,
Haan Ambar ke kuch badal ke niche bhi jo andhera hai,
Mera mann ka deepak cheera unko sath mujhe jo tera hai,
Wo 3 Shabd mere ehsaso ki ek sacchi kahani hai,
Wo 3 shabd mere alfaazo ke sena pe bhi bhaari hai,
Gehare nafrat ki diwar mujhe majboori mujhko maar gayi,
Tujhe yaad kiya tere saath aur koi bh mere sath nhi,
Tu mile na mitwa gile na shikwa rakhunga mein iss duniya se,
Iss pal ko jile mere sang mere pyar ki saari buniyaad ye,
Kagaz ke kagar mein sagar laakar teri taqad ko mehsoos karu,
Mera dil patthar ka putla nhi, toh kyu tujhko mein mehfuus rakhu,
Mein kroor kyu karta hoon, yu door kyu hu,Kyu jeena bhaari sa lagta hai,
Majboor Jo hu haalat se har na Kudaari sa lagta hai,
Teri Gulabi Gaal mei khuda ki daal ki wo parchahi jhalakti hai,
Tu paas nhi toh mein hu,
Ssshh, Ha tu hi meri shakti hai...
That I feel So Lonely yeah...
I want
There's a Better Place Than This
And I'm So Lonely Yeah... I Want There's A Better Place Than This (ME&YOU;)
Emptiness... Yes That's My Love story...
May be this was our scripted destiny, we met at
Science tuition,
The date 20th January...
4am remember I proposed and you left me guessing my
World turned the next second with your BB message,
From that moment I believed in Almighty's Blessing,
God is where he was I learned this mighty lesson.
I beg apology for times when you face the fire and I am so
Sorry for the times when I made you Cry girl,
So this pain and sorrow makes me to wait for tomorrow,
Because the fate I borrowed from the Mom was plain and
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hollow, still I meet at CCD dates "Espresso Latte's"
When she fall into my eyes yelling "Love You Frappe"
The next door small town guy, you made me man so great,
you served my youth Girl.
You act to what I'm Today and I don't educate until I find no disturbance,
They say I'm rebel to me its Lack of Ignorance.
My Sweetheart got intoxicated arteries.
Let's restart from capativative fantasies,
The Bleak part is when we Kissed and wiped your tears, held
you in my arms nervously driven with fear...
You Ribbon your hair, I pray that you be Beautiful,
I had the right to be Violent, I guess you were my duty then,
Even this our Seventh Life, Don't be destroy
Things Impossible at Earth are possible at God...
That I feel So Lonely yeah...
I want
There's a Better Place Than This
That I'm So Lonely Yeah...
I Want A Harm A World I Know You
There's a Better Place Than This
Yeah... Yeah... Yeah...
Tujhe Pata Hain Na, Aaa... Mein Gaane Nhi Ga Sakta,
Singing boht Bekaar Hai...
Tu Khoosh Reh, Bsss Yahin Chahata Hu...
Tu Jaha Bhi Hai, Jiske Sath Bhi Hai...
Jitne Bhi Tufaan Tere Zindagi Mei Aaye,
Tu Khoosh Reh...
Mera Pyaar Tere Saath Hai...
I Don't Want Sound Emo, But I Guess
"I Really Love You"
Iss Record Pe Tera Naam Toh nhi Kahunga,
Tune Mana Kar Diya Tha, Jaantiye...
Mom Dad Ka Panga... Haha
Love You...
Dishkyoon... (The Boy Dies)

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