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Frank Foster - Rig & the Road lyrics

[Verse]In a button-up and blue jeans, I'm a honky tonk man
In a hard hat and steel toes, I'm still a hand
Had a few songs played on country radio
Just trying to make enough to keep from going offshore

[Chorus]I'm still living my dreams fourteen at a time
Make a little scene on music scene, then I'm back on the grind
You can find me out to sea or off to another show
It's Red Wings and six strings, rig and the road

[Verse]Last night we played Texas, it was a hell of a show
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We were down between Houston and San Antonio
But it's good night to the dance hall, I've got to go
And it's good morning hot sun in the Gulf of Mexico


[Verse]I've come a long way, nah I sure can't complain
A lot of folks like my songs, a few more know my name
I play a big country star and I raise a lot of cane
And catch a big old jet plane to make a Tuesday crew change


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