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Frank Foster - Miss Those Days lyrics

Bare feet in mid-July, sand warm beneath my toes. Racing ninety to nothing down Steel Bridge Rd. Swinging off the rope swing, cut a flip or take a dive. Jumping out of that old oak tree, that was sky high
I miss those days, just hanging out with my friends. I miss those days, when the summers would never end. I miss those days, they will never be here again and I miss those days, I miss those days
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A cool breeze through the window of a suped up seventy-three. I cruise around the old strip in town just to see what we could see. I found a pretty little southern girl and pulled her up tight. I talked her into skipping curfew drive up to the lake for the night
I miss those days, at sweet sixteen. I miss those days, so wild and young and green. I miss those days, they're unlike any I've ever seen and I miss those days, I miss those days
But looking back now I realize that those were my glory days. Ain't it funny how time will pass you by, slowly turn the page. Now I'm staring in the mirror, Lord, and my eyes are filling up with age and I miss those days, I miss those days

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