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Frank Foster - Been Gone lyrics

[Verse 1]
Well they married early, like young lovers do. He worked two jobs and put her through school. He gave his last dollar, she got her degree. And after all his sacrificed, she still had the nerve to leave

Now there's a quarter moon in a ten cent town. Yeah, she's moving up and he's going down. She's on the high road, and he's alone. He's been drinking, and she's been gone

[Verse 2]
She left her heart open, got swept off of her feet by a man with all the finer things and a lot of money. She broke the news and broke his heart and loaded up her car. She headed off to Dallas, and he headed off to the bar
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You know sometimes when a heart gets broke, with a little time it can heal. Oh, but when the scars are a little too deep, sometimes a broken heart can kill

[Verse 3]
He had whiskey on his last breath, all them years were just too hard. His last words were bury me out in the back yard. And time also found her regretting what she'd done. And she thought of him in her old life, and she headed back home
Now it's a quarter til noon in a ten cent town, and she pulls up as they lower him down. And she cries, "oh, no," when she sees the headstone. Now she's been drinking and he's been gone

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