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Frank Edwards - Unto The King lyrics

(Frank Edwards- VERSE 1)
We lifT our voice in praise
To the great and mighty God
[Halleluyah, Halleluyah]
YOu are beautiful alwayS
[Yes you are]
Perfect in all your waYs
[Ohh yeah]
Our voice, we raiSe, singing praiSe to yoU
Lord, you Are excellent
Only you, forevEr more
Halle, Halleluyah! I'll sing to you, a song
(VERSE 2- Frank Edwards)
[SinG 'we giVe you pRaise, yea]
We givE you praise
[You are the fountain of my life, yea]
Fountain of my lifE
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Creator of all thingS
[Sing I wanna warm ma, say I...]
I warm, I warm oN you
In you I live,
[in you, I live, yea; I move aNd I have]
move and have my being
[Oh Halleluyah]
Lord Your are excEllent [yes yoU are]
Only you foreveR more
[Forever more, oh oh oh ohhh]
[Only you, yea]
Halle, Halleluyah! I'll sing to you, a song
Lord your arE excellenT
Only yoU forEver moRe
Halle, Halleluyah! I'll siNg to you, a sonG
Sing HalleluyAh, Sing HallEluyaH

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