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Flytape - Skorpio lyrics

The trials of life sink their teeth in deep again
like a manic I kick those very teeth in
climb awhile inside my angry tree
feel the anger that burns and sets you free The trials of being a man strip away the joy
and with a pound of the fists I become the boy
have you ever felt time take away your peace
have you felt the denial that's true release? I'm tearing down everything - it's all mine
without your God, with my fear, I'll be just fine
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yes it's true you've given me all
but in these waking hours you've made me so small Walking along the war-torn shores of the mind
oh the treasures and importance that we hope to find
come down here won't you climb inside?
one single drop to cool this fire I'm waiting patiently poised for a sign
seek ye first - it will all be quite fine
yes it's true your word gives all life
but a page can burn when passions are ripe Shifting swirling trying confiding inside outside this time and that time
hold me destroy me control and know that deep inside I really do believe.

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