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Florence Kaye - Golden Coins lyrics

Say you're mine, then ask me what you will
All your dreams, my darling I'll fulfill

[Verse 1]
Golden coins, I will bring to you
Silver trinkets and rubies too
In return dear I'm begging you
For the pleasures of love

[Verse 2]
I'll bring gifts, like you never saw
Priceless garments that you'll adore
Persian rugs to enhance your floor
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For the pleasures of love

[Verse 3]
Darling, choose anything you please
Rich brocade, or woven tapestries
In exchange, I plead on my knees
For the pleasure of love

[Verse 4]
Golden coins, I'll place at your feet
Precious j**els to make life complete
All my treasures are yours my sweet

For the pleasures of love

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