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Flobots - Cracks in the Surface lyrics

The water level's rising
The water level's rising
Everyone alive sing
Who will turn the tide
Bring about land grabs
Sand bags bring'em out
It's hard to yell with the Atlantic in your mouth

Cracks in the surface
Cracks in the surface…
Tck tck tck tck…

One becomes two becomes three becomes four
Our soundwaves run your city like parkour
Provokin' encores but we know you want more
That's what we're doing this for
Four becomes three becomes two becomes one
The metamorphosis cannot be undone
We burst forth from the land toward the sun

And transform
The advance has begun

Like Mary J
I'm oBliged
To hollerate and prophesy
Nostradamus on the topics
Often dropped
On open mics
When both sides are vocalized
The crowd spits
The dopest lines
Efforts gain significance
Like overdrives
Of dopamine

Rappers act like they smell like roses
Suffer from chronic halitosis
Their hazardous sadistic recipes are out of focus like a cloud of locusts
Plus their rhymin style is atrocious
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We're supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

With a hand motion
We stand revolting
We're calling out all Emperors in no clothing
Intelligence quotient
Ama**ed to challenged oceans
Outlast the isms, ists, ologies and slogans

These narcissists forget to do their exercise
Confused by what success implies
Name drop successive tries

In drive thrus to get extra fries
Emancipating free speech when I run my mouth
Terminal cancer patients say "Hey when's the C.D. coming out?"

Break it down to the essence of raw

One two check the mic, Stephen's like, every guy
Walk tall in the hallways
And make note of which ones step aside
Left and right, guess my pride
Of lying is probable pesticide
Infected by the viruses that bedbugs are infested by
Rhyming enigma I keep 'em guessing
My rhymes are like ribbons when
I wrap the present
Recapture lessons
The ancestors prefaced
In deference to how we
Break it down to the essence
'Cause there're cracks in the surface
Nobody wants to see 'em
Strategic wargames don't call 'em human beings
They call 'em like they want 'em for a prop in their battlerap
But Solomon and Math will dap after
Play the track backwards 'cause there's too much d**h energy
Let it be a muse sing to your best enemy
Never let it be your task master
Let's finish things alive with oppression and disaster diminishing

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