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Flobots - No W lyrics

Lets get it poppin now
Obnoxious, never stoppin now
Nobody's got a shot cuz we lock it down we're
not just a rock around the clock
This'll drop you down

The proper noun's FLOBOTS
When we tic toc the hip hop
get's toxic thought's drip drop lips spittin like a faucet
He goes for the shot! Jonny blocks it
Watch this as I lift up in Jonny's rockets.
So get off this topic and stop lickin off this plate
Synopsis we're takin it back
When the Flobots hit the stage it's a wrap
and it goes

FLO (No W) BOTS yes
Unstoppable like a tropical disaster
Denver Colorado where the water boils faster
FLO (No W) BOTS yes
and the crowd start panickin
cuz they don't know how to act like Anikin

Man you can give me anything
and I'll improve it
Use it to make good music fuse it
together with a click
From the bottom of a stick
Now we got another quick beat automatic hit
feet step to the sound that I manufacture
The slickness that I make a
plan to capture
Can I get a witness?
Till you slam and slap your wrists
Bringing down the house
Dammit that's the fifth time
that you had to get it
scanned for fractures
rock the nation

Possible litigation against me
But don't tempt me
Jonny fee fi fo fum
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Cuz he's liable to pummel all rivals
Leave you guys with no thumbs on the bible I swear!
Can't summarize what he's done
Twiddlers run

Chances of survival are little to none
We never play second fiddle...
to some dumb chump that wants nothing but to piddle and piss,
giggle and spit, get twisted and
sip crys with little misses & mr. men
sad mad strong bad double fisted when I fight foes I explode nitroglycerene

FLO (no w) BOTS yes
A little bit of this a little bit of that
We do it for the dot in the middle of the map
Guu pa
We got it covered
That's a wrap
Makin paper
Cuz we keep on rockin it
Something to count on like an abacus
we get down underground like a platypus

(0= Brer Rabbit, 5= Jonny 5)
0: Don't attempt this at home
5: The Flobots'll walk away from copycats
0: We got what you need
5: like opposing soccer players jocky straps
0: bring your party ta life
5: we freak cheek to cheek with greatness
0: wrap lines around the world
5: We frequently seem to be equators
0: we deep beneath the vapors
5: in an underground lab
0: yup leakin secret papers
5: through tunneled out magma
0: butcha can't touch the
5: style that we bust ya
0: givin other rappers the run around, tag
5: we it,
0: shot through ya'll drainers and piss pots
5: We came here to rip shop
0: when angered spit quickshots
5: like namor swims swift knots
0: Our bangers leave lips dropped
5: supreme ultra # 1 rankers of hip-hop

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