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Flobots - Bradley Manning lyrics

(Chorus 2x)
I'm not superstitious but I hope
You'll believe me when I tell
You that my whole world will end
If I cannot be with you

If you see something, say something
Uncle Sam wants you, to please pay attention
Cause freedom ain't free. It's paid for by
The people that bleed. They can do it for the people that breathe
The same air. It ain't fair so we read them and weep
Thinking about that's lost, thinking bout that time served, thinking about that high cost
When we see the family; pay attention
This is the story of one young man, the country has been making fun of him
But he didn't let that stun gun him
No, signed up for the few, the proud, the duty sworn. Uncle Sam wants you,
As stated himself when he put on that uniform

(Chorus 2x)

2009, October, one young man crossed over
The Iraqi border. For the first time
And began marching to orders
2009, November, one month in Private First Cla**
Saw soldiers shooting reporters; Brad was aghast
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And then they die, and the boys laughed
It was like a child torturing ants with a magnifying gla**
And when they died Brad was aghast;
He felt the shells from the blast impact he had to tell somebody

(Chorus 2x)

Uncle Sam wants you; and now he's in the prison cell
Freedom ain't free while I'm out here living well
It ain't fair he stays there; thinking about the time served
Wanna stand and shout, wanna sing so loud, he could hear us speak
And what I'm seeing on the screen, screaming and race running
Another scene, bleeding and face numbing
And when they die, boys laughed
I wanna shake someone, I wanna scream
"If you see something say something!"

Bradley Manning 7x
Manning Manning
Bradley Manning 7x
Manning manning

We can turn this world inside out

(Chorus 3x)

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