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Floating Me - Across The Gulf lyrics

Old hair, so long the ghost
Gone with more than I have hoped for
Great hands will lift me skyward
Just a dream, the only way through

Is through with it now?
Where to hide?

[unknown] limbs folded, stretch the walls
The wind will take him
A flaming cynicism
Hell is other people

Dear, what have we started now?
Where to hide?

Come out to the edge
Just lift, I reach for the centre
Pull me, hold me

A flame in you
Has to cross your mind
You stare into love
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You end what you despise

Still falling [unknown]
To dust, to dust I'll set you free

Looking out across the gulf
I can see the other side
Drifting out above the gulf
I hear your echo in my mind

It's such a waste to be born into a love then
Fall into pieces to be born again
To you I return, my love
I have never let you go

Step Forward
Ashes to dust
To dust I'll set you free
Free, set you free, free

Spiraling in[unknown]
Pull the covers over me
Slowly [unknown]
[unknown] from me

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