Flatbush Zombies - Did U Ever Think lyrics

Feat : Issa Gold & 

[Verse 1: Meechy Darko]
Me and my faction
Don’t like asking questions strictly blunt sessions
We can order d**h man you must have a d**h wish
I k** you with these bars that’s more like a d**h sentence
I promise you that I’m ? demented
My mind state? Crime infested
I think I lost myself three years ago tryna catch it
Cut my own head off ‘cuz I needed to balance
Ego too big to manage
Not to k** a n***a everyday probably my biggest challenge
Imagine if I was ?
Didn’t think ?
I probably put skully down and gather ?
That’s all for credit cut in every ?
I love to be alone I’m comfy in the casket
To me it’s like a hammock
Never ‘bout it ?
Filled with rage I split they face I’m deranged
Cannot be tamed I break they cage
When in range I twist they face with six inch blades
Back again I’m Kurt Cobain the golden fangs
I k** you and wear blood stains
Church in your way
Got me around crossed-eyes like KKK

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
It ain’t greatness
Stay stiff me and my n***as about to make shift
Patience feel the rhythm and the cadense
Got no time for there statements
They try to keep the beast caged in that’s why we ragin’
Sittin’ on some heat that could probably melt a glacier
Fire man could’ve ? in these blazers
They know my element
Been wondering where the hell I been
Tryna’ put the fire out I came back definite
Feelin’ like a mouse in a house full of elephants
n***as want they mouth but they never this eloquent
I’m high-definitely so you bet she always represent me
She wanna kick it with the Beast Coast relatives
I could fill her white ?
Says she tryna jiggy with combo black nemesis
‘Cuz we got bars ain’t got it ? in this synthesis
All these b**hes jumpin’ keep your ?
Open up your cell gate, cell block three eyes see your ?
Commander in chief
Don’t ask me where I be haaa
More buzz, more honeys than a behive
The Badmon, young king
I move dope with that ink pen
Been up all year, my third eye ain’t even blinking
With this flow, it’s guarantee to leave you sinking
With this stroke, guaranteed to leave you thinking
No warranty, just disorderly conduct
For an Erick Arc Elliot-presented product
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All the stars is lined up 'bout to turn on the horizons
The Beast Coast connection still deep like Verizon

[Hook] x2
Did you ever think that you would be this real?
Did you ever think that you would get a deal?
Did you ever think that you would be this slick?
Did you ever think that you would be the sh**?

[Verse 3: Issa Gold]
I done seen dark sour demons playing for
But be smart, this game will eat your weak heart
Divine source liberate a dry corpse
Design her thoughts help me manuever life’s course
You play hard, show your facade you get squashed
Bumblebee n***as be frontin’ they stings sharp
But they f**in’ flows ? God’s son you get devoured
Super power, Clark Kent, on top of a tower
Looking down, peeping the town
What’s going around bump to people’s sound
Making you drown but still I rise and synchronize
So I can read the signs chase the prize
Breaking these lego n***as back down the sides
Get yo piece of pie, it’s supper time
I’m eating mine I’m one of a kind
A present prince from ?
We live in troubled times
Internal crime done by the same guys we trust our lives
Pray for the lost
I’m praying, lemme do my thing
No time for ? I’m seventeen
Bumping they music fully, feel stupid like h**ne
Rather medicine, that sticky
That proper settlement for betterment

[Verse 4: Erick Arc Elliot]
The truest of students a true instance to
Too eager just to prove
To respect your principle or your principles
I might smack a teacher while I read the rules
Tell ‘em Blue’s Clues
Cut his noose loose let him hang high ‘till he doo doo
Prune juice, no sh**, couple screws loose
Flawed mentally but there’s no sympathy
When I begin this rapping this image of me was imminent
Prevalence to avoid the censorship I sense the element
n***as talking reckless only motivates the presidents
n***a even f** the presidents said it for the hell of it
Dead boy delegate stashed like ?
Should I relish in that endeavor platinum level
Gold chains and flipping grams like capo era
I touch basics I hate it when n***as make these blank statements
Why check before I’m banking on your greatness


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