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Flatbush Zombies - Bounce lyrics

[Produced by: Erick Arc Elliott]
Wylin wylin
Wylin wylin huh
Wylin wylin huh

[Verse 1: Meechy Darko]
YSL pants with the zippers, yikes
Met her this evenin' already hit it, twice
Tag on your soul everybody got a price
Acid, acid, change yo' life
Bape if she hip, Saint Laurent if she bougie
I'm faded like Boosie
She call me Meechy over, I slide in that coochie
Nosedive in that coochie
My dick is big, it should be wearin' a Coogi
Imma need some friends
Tie-dyed my lifestyle
Even bleached the pants
Next week Japan
Thom Browne bubble lens, I need the tint
Flatbush, Brooklyn, from the County of Kings
Run up on me like I'm some hippie n***a
And die under the knife, Joan Rivers
Ooh, damn, that punchline delivers
Hold up wait a minute, moment of silence
Hm, f** it
Let's get back to wylin'
Blood on your Timbs, Shoot Shoot
Blood at your limbs, tuh tuh
Split at your rims
Ambidexterity, I shoot with two hands
Even got blood on your friends
I think I just flooded the Benz
Damn it, baby, Meechy's at it again
M-M-Murder, murder, murder
Capital M with two gats in my hand

[Verse 2: Zombie Juice]
Everyday a n***a wake up, got to blaze a little chronic
Thank the universe, a blessing, new day, a new dollar
Middle finger to my n***as and my b**hes two times
Representing for my n***as in the hood it's no ceiling
Sellin', trappin' like a villain, cold
Should've made a k**ing, go
Finger played with it, yo
n***a stay with it
Hate a n***a, fade him quicker now
Numb dum diddy dum I, I, I, I, I
High like the sun
Fetch a frequency, this ain't sh** to me
She said she got a friend, then let my n***a beat
Meech roll 'em, bust 'em, cannons, wooh
Spliff long looking like a Manson
I'm on acid feeling like the Hamptons
She feeling freaky beat the p**y like a champion
Young n***a but I'm still O.G
Supreme Team like 1993
Triple 6 on my coffin, I dance with the devil
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Came back with a vengeance, Christ off the hinges
I'm nice with the spit kid, twice as much vicious
Psycho-active, I'm on a mission
Electric KoolAde
Make your decision
You want it, I get you
These n***as ain't right, they can't write they own sh**
But they smile in your face, and they claim they the sh**
But to me a disgrace
Trying to keep steps ahead like we running a race
Got an ounce to burn, got a trip to make
Free my n***as lawd, made it right today
Got an ounce to burn, got a trip to make

[Verse 3: Erick Arc Elliott]
Not a thug but n***as know how I keep mine
Call her up or quick to throw up the peace sign
Throw that p**y, let me hit it
Girl, I got to get it
Saying she got a feeling, she let a young n***a hit it
Back and forth cause we smoke them seven grams
Billboard sh** I don't expect you to understand
My performance, dreams at 14
Now I hear them calling two to their seats
Won't slip away this is serious business
Voidin the mischief while spending these Benjamins
Surrender potential p**y to me
Brought to you by the ungrateful police
Conscious keep telling me, beautiful melody
Will exhibit if I trip on the L.S.D
Nah, window for money and dro
Some people think I spend money for show
Spending show money
Flip like aerobics
Components will k** my opponents
I sit on my throne, it's enormous
Composed with the chorus
My karma is good, dog, and don't need supportin'
My b**h is so gorgeous, I cannot afford
To spend time with her when chasin' these whores
Money, keep countin'
She strip like Lance Mountains
My pa**port is packed
How I travel, astoundin' (Yeah)
Thug Waffle did that
Now we comin' back for the k**er contract
Pull up on your pampers
Three man army
Address the b**h n***as in a song, call it Palm Trees
Not a fan of you if you ain't ever hug my moms, b
Not a fan of n***as that be talkin' where I'm gon' be
Talk a lot of mess, leave you n***as out of pocket
Don't talkin' to me less you talkin' bout a profit

[Outro: Zombie Juice and Meechy Darko]
Universe a blessing, a new day a new dollar
Tag on your soul, everybody got a price
Acid, acid change yo' life

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