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Fifth Harmony - Back For U (ft. Nicki Minaj) lyrics

[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, Harmonizahs? Miss the Mila?
Don't worry I come for the Fifth Harrr
I'm Nicki Minaj, I am the Queen, sir!
One week and this song gon' hit the Billboarrr
I gave this b**hes time
Now I'm getting my moment back
My fans better to pay... attention for what comes next (Huh)
b**hes always trying to diss me, but only trying
If b**hes are sun, then why only me shining?
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Onika and Fifth Harmony
This year gon' be so good
Tonight we gon' be dancing
And not f*cking with you

[Chorus: Fifth Harmony & Nicki Minaj]
Oh, Oh
Last night I was home, all alone, crying just for u
Tonight Imma dancing, and dancing, and feeling so good
And now I have certain I'm not going back for you

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