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Fetty Wap - 21 lyrics

Fetty Wap Hook : Remy Boyz Have ben rolled up 17 Ben Colder,38 Gettin Older 1738,is a rolller

Lil Deiajay Verse 1 : So Damn Beautiful Oh hun hum in my head I ask,where da,hell do u come from Hell Yeah Baby girl im on one
What do I want I want yo Love No Girl I need yo love when u walk by niggas be like what da fuck u look like u in a movie
Bitches Disrespect Mostly in dey movies baby u a princess damn u should've ben blessed That ass fat in dat ten dress
Bring the Pussy the my way ill Put pencil in da cup my way

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Hook Fetty Wap

Fetty wap Verse 2 : U said u,wanted attention then u gonna get that attention Remy boyz and yo ball night late night with my exe
At the club in closet havin sex That pussy is a test its betta than da rest God damn,I had to confess keep da shit cool
And calm amd complexed Damn that egg a wreck u funny girl u a mess

Outro Remy boyz Are gone

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