Feli Nuna - Gelaway lyrics

yeah! yeah yeah
shoulder 4x
this one's to all my ladies
check! once upon a time a met a guy
swag from head to toe
he dressed fly
looking at him at the corner of my eye
like a spy charlie...
oh boy i want die
walked up to me
said he wants my digits
looking for a pa** to my heart
take your ticket
my heart shrunk body looking like a migit
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so i gave it all up without a figit

so he called...
he took me to Frankies
Ada on the weekend, then to kempinski
the guy even introduced me to his aunty
saa na he wanted to get in my panty
so one night it happened, it went down
he spoil the whole town
na what dey funnier most... see i turn clown
ose d3 me gelaway eii...
ose d3 me gelaway unto the next one... me gelaway, gelaway 4×
ibi so u dey do me boy
after all the things wey i do you boy
all the many moves that i show you boy
me nor... so u dey do me 2x

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