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Feist - Baby Be Simple lyrics

In and out
That's the way in
I saw an old sign
When my world was way down
Quiet on the streets
So I climbed the stairs
To the rarified air
I've been on fire
Made from my thoughts
I thought up my life by
Out then back in
That's the way to begin
But I had to climb down
Into today
And give up the pain
I held myself up by
Baby, be simple with me
Out, thicker skin
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That's no way to begin
Come with your true arc
To fall all the way down
Like an empire
Into a kingdom of guts
To become a rooftop
I built me from the bedrock
Made me right up
Ignited little tunes
While the wind was still
Trying to find a way to tell you
If or not the true arc
Is even there
Or on a pillow of air
I'll rip me apart by the lore
Cuz to become that rooftop
I had to fall all the way down
Baby, be simple with me

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