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Fantom Of The Beat - Venture Capitalist (Like Ben Horowitz) lyrics

[Produced by Fantom Of The Beat]


Divine, Ben Horowitz, “Venture Capitalist”

[Ben Horowitz Sample]
What do you believe that nobody else does, um, like do you have the courage to even say that
What do you believe that nobody else does
Aristotle said courage is, is the first virtue
Do you have the courage to even say that
You need great intelligence and great courage
Aristotle said courage is, is the first virtue, that's pretty universal

I'm on my venture capitalist, like Ben Horowitz
Legal tender's, rap that I spit, wit' gems glorious
Pen and spend more of this, 'till the point of my story is
I came from crack, to rap, to corner offices

[Verse 1]
I came to spit a poem, 'till I'm sitting in Silicon, or Sili-con
Valley, rally wit' iller Dons
My vision zone, mili-tone like them killer cons
Die and I kill alone, leave no witnesses, I respond
To any threat, any stress, get ready, set
For heavy fire intense, get met wit' many deaths
I'm trying to capitalize, on any venture to rise
Expand and enterprise, need I mention my size
Is globalize, culturized, wit' a total vibe
That hits wit' total surprise, beyond the localized
I'm off the planet, but my reach is organic
The deeper my core brand is, the peeps 'ill get more frantic
For market share, 'cause the red carpet is here
The Feds wanna stop a career, from popping there
'Cause the mandate's, it translates, to influence
I'm just trying to win too it's, just a little spin to it


[Verse 2]
My initial business plan, was bigger grams, for bigger grands
Then turned to a bigger advance, wit' bigger fans
I learned quick, before you you slip, you gotta switch it up
Before competitors pick it up, and stick you up
Hit you up, when them guns bust, the stock soar
And finance the blood on the floor, its just the Art Of War
I'm just a broker, invest, the steel 'ill seal my strength
Just like the metaphor, the pens a sword, the stroke of death
I sign contracts, sipping on cognac, written in blood
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Think like a thug wit' these hard raps
Wit' spreadsheets on the bed sheets 'till my money's stacked
My financials intact, so if they come to clap
Profits or losses, resources of Bosses
I'mma walk these dogs and stay the courses
Wit' fly women that's gorgeous, recount my metamorphosis
From crack to rap, to corner offices


[Verse 3]
My acquisition's, amass riches, cash positions
Wit' vast visions, just add math like mathematicians
Its sick visions, glance in a iller zone, rapid
Wit' pictures so advanced, just call it Silicon Graphics
Ask how my third-eye got here, to the top tier
It don't stop there, my mind's design Opsware
My insights is optical flights
I take you back to the park, to the Bronx, to impossible life
Where the Hard Thing About Hard Things, is nothing easy
And the harder thing, about harder things, still nothing easy
Since I predict that I'mma be rich, call me Cashtradamus
Created something from nothing, I call it magicnomics
I got more than courage, been in more wars than brothers
Say its so strange how he hovers, then he soars above us
Hate 'em or love 'em, I'mma get rich or die trying
Guess that means I'mma forever spit, and die rhyming


[Verse 4]
I tried grinding, I won't lie I even fired iron
And sold crack, since “Bozack”, making dollars shining
Always had charisma, creativity and vision
But if you lack courage, they don't even wanna listen
No fear's, the essential, you wanna blow potential
So for years I sat in cells and fortified my mental
Relentless focus, like a boxer's when he folds opponents
But you gotta take them steady blows in over doses
Especially, when the strategy's the rope-a-dope its
Hard to hit them moving targets, when you losing markets
Game face on, though the rage of the pain's strong
I came to get my reign on, name on, anything I gaze on
Is mine for the taking, my grind was crime related
Gave me time to build my mind so in due time I made it
Wit' fly women that's gorgeous, recount my metamorphosis
From crack to rap, to corner offices


© 2014 Supreme Music Publishing (BMI)/4th Letter Music (BMI)

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