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Fame Junior - Truce lyrics

Young fame.... Truccceeee!!

VERSE... 1

Uh They tell me I should wait on it
Oh maybe I should pray on it
Now I'm sort of a big deal, you can get a vine 4 comments
I juss want the crown, my eyes glued on comets
I spent way too much TIME on a wait list
I can't beeee on another n***a's guest list
Rather be that go to- guy, than to know the go-to guy
It probably my time
I chuck a deuce then we signing out
Ain't no talking let's call it a truce for the night
Check up, I put you to bed then I smoke you out
I ain't got time for you to waste mines
I chase dreams, not knowing I break hearts
Can only call you when i need that late night, Cause when looking for love, I turn a blind eye like ray charles
I'm ray charles to the bullsh**
Access it all out, Best be my culprit
Crack c**aine,novacane... Every line is in kilos and grams & that's one night before ANATII took her back
The city so small, we lusted by the same girls in the club
Same vibe everynight
She barely know my name but ready to be my wife


Tell me who do I.... Who do I callll
To get you to ride with me, to get you to ride on me
Let's call it a truce, you & I we can't lose
And if you ever ever need that proof
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Call me when you need that Good
That work!!!!


Let this paper be the reason why we talking
Don't check for me if you ain't got no cheque for meYou underestimated greatly. A been so gone
How could your instincts be sooo wrong
Ain't lost a friendship that I regretted
Ain't mack on no girl that I ain't dated
f** it I'm on one, you might have had some but you need a real one

She got me up all night all I'm singing is love songs
She got me feeling alright, we cuddle up till the night's gone

Been on some busy sh**
Wish I was working with more than just to make your hotline bling
Wish I could treat you better, cause you got what I need, you gat the fix
Wish we could processed with ease, but I need more than just a wish
Different cities every night
Tryina puzzle all the piece of your heart I broke
This might be sumthin' but somehow I despise
Cause the dreams calling, can only answer when the paper calls!!
It was good just a day ago, but yesterday's home run won't win today's game and now I know
Dear summer its been a long way
Marathon, I run this sh** at my own pace

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