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Fame Junior - All Night (prod Kimosabe/Sixfo) lyrics

The song is loosely based on the Greek Myth Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun and melted his wings

VERSE 1: Fame Junior

It's the rocky o' the year, I ain't here to play like a substitute
It's the Island of the Crete, I'm Icarus.. peep my resume
Thinking' how come i ain't made it yet? was it hard to remember Fame?
Ooohhh man what a shame, damn... might have to res-success and make 'em remember the name

Ain't no way me and ma n.ggas gonna lose
You best ride my wave like a boat cruise

Pa** the pain, we tend to strive or that's just how it seems to beginners
No Tibz's co-sign nor Jabba's handouts, came a long way from Sunday sinners
Now we scoop your girl and bust out the club, holding the jokers card... billy Bellamy/its fifty shades of ecstasy

Never been afraid of the sh.t they might pull out the closet
The truth is unspoken, this life is a token Ohh can I. relapse.. read-back/back when the dream was broken?
Its a couple o' broads, you gotta tap one. its a couple of millions, you've got to stack some

All I need is the crown, and i'll soon own it
I don't do Jimi Hendrix, this is a natural high
Dropping addictive jams, this is coke line raps
Hand shakes from fakes, i give 'em light love... hand dabs

I'm forever inspired, i hardly get tired
Every short is a home-run, the victory is daily required


VERSE 2: Fame Junior

Saying a n***a don't run this sh**? you better put down that nyaope
Saying a king done reached his peak? i'm still caking off of low-fees
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The only n***a with a crown is Ca**per, but tell him not to pa** it, it way too soon
The young kings on a come up with a vengeance, got 'em way too shook

I'm on top of my raps like an ad-lib
Fixing my lines like an addict
Tyrina match up my highs and my lows, balancing school with this rap sh**
On my Helen Zille swag, might give her the ''D'' if she f** with the ''A'' Team
Cause I'm A-list, even told ma n***as we might eat with this rap sh**

The future looks gorgeous, the flow's obnoxious... bossed up and did it all on ma own
I gotta be cautious, I'm Monalisa with portraits... I'm charged up and back on ma zone
The sky is the limit, but you'd swear its 420 how we fly so high

BRIDGE (singing)

I 'on even do interviews, couldn't careless about fame
Tryina make sure ma n***as get paid/tryina make sure ma momma's straight
My girl said proceed with cautions
Cause these b.tches be broke and be crazy
These b.tches be broke and be lazy


VERSE 3: Fame Junior

sh** got me feeling' like I've been on a waiting list for a decade
You'd swear I'm on 'E' how I gas these records
We was just chasing the change, now bad b.tches changing for me
They still can't one up me,drag n***as on the floor/put cuban links on a h.e/tryina cope 10 whips in a row/you can't predict we was poor

I'm never the one to be insecure, i put my flaws on front sit
Tryina break 'bread' with my n.ggas/tell 'em i got the 'juice' I might dej-'loaf'/just in-case they comfortable trying us

You n.ggas is new here, I'm Nuclear... bomb threat its a doomsday
And let your broad catch me when i fall back like a bookay
I'm way-way up it ain't even Tuesday

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