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Fame Frasier - Werk lyrics

[Intro: Fame Frasier]
Oh, Yea yea yea
Werk werk werk werk
Boy I put in that double double OK

Chorus [Fame Frasier]:
Boy I put in that werk
Pull up on em' like skirr
All these hoes gon' twerk
You takin nails I'm in first
Boy I put in that werk
Tatted under my shirt
You need some drank for that thirst
I bet I make her back hurt

[Verse 1: Fame Frasier]
Boy I put in that werk werk boy I put in that werk
Boo you see how I'm swangin'
Bet them hoes gon' thirst
Boy I rep my gang ho, throw it up in the clouds
What u mean turn up turn up
But my hoes stay loud
Yeah I'm from the O where the Thunder roll
Love for the hustle no heart for the hoes
I do like em thick, Marilyn Monroe
Hit then I'm gone that's how the game goes
Ain't nobody hard as me
Everything that I do is artistry
I'm breakin' in the rap game like “Pardon me”
Like my hoes redskinned, RG3

[Bridge: Fame Frasier]
Now work, errbody gon' work
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Basic bitches stay unemployed but them bad bitches gon' werk
And real G's gon' fuck with me
And them fuckboys gon' hate
I put that shit in they face (fuck ‘em)
I'm strokin' bitches you chase


[Verse 2: Fame Frasier]
If you swag you lame
Boy I swang hard like three cars
Famme, F-R-A-dollar sign-I-E-R sendin' pussies to the ER
Boy I stay faded like Caesar
Dog hoes but I'm not where the fleas are
Be yourself don't act tryin' to be hard
Cuz the real G's gonna pull your G card
Oh you got a clique? Bet it's under mine
You ain't gon' shine cuz you underground
She liked my tape, fucked her #9
Swim in that pussy like it's summertime
Boy I put in werk like Jose
Jay filled, stay rollin in 4 lanes (dat loud)
These dudes too weak, 140s
Trust no man cuz they got ho ways
Tell ‘em go to werk

[Bridge: Fame Frasier]
Now werk, errbody gon' werk
Dem ugly girls stay unemployed but them sexy girls gon' werk
Dem hustlers gon' fuck with me and them broke boys gon hate
Straight shots to the face, paper all that we chase


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