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[Intro: Fame Frasier] Oh, Yea yea yea Werk werk werk werk Boy I put in that double double OK Chorus [Fame Frasier]: Boy I put in that werk Pull up on em' like skirr All these hoes gon' twerk You takin nails I'm in first Boy I put in that werk Tatted under my shirt You need some drank for that thirst I bet I make her back hurt [Verse 1: Fame Frasier] Boy I put in that werk werk boy I put in that werk Boo you see how I'm swangin' Bet them hoes gon' thirst Boy I rep my gang ho, throw it up in the clouds What u mean turn up turn up But my hoes stay loud Yeah I'm from the O where the Thunder roll Love for the hustle no heart for the hoes I do like em thick, Marilyn Monroe Hit then I'm gone that's how the game goes Ain't nobody hard as me Everything that I do is artistry I'm breakin' in the rap game like “Pardon me” Like my hoes redskinned, RG3 [Bridge: Fame Frasier] Now work, errbody gon' work Basic b**hes stay unemployed but them bad b**hes gon' werk And real G's gon' f** with me And them f**boys gon' hate I put that sh** in they face (f** ‘em) I'm strokin' b**hes you chase Chorus [Verse 2: Fame Frasier] If you swag you lame Boy I swang hard like three cars Famme, F-R-A-dollar sign-I-E-R sendin' pussies to the ER Boy I stay faded like Caesar Dog hoes but I'm not where the fleas are Be yourself don't act tryin' to be hard Cuz the real G's gonna pull your G card Oh you got a clique? Bet it's under mine You ain't gon' shine cuz you underground She liked my tape, f**ed her #9 Swim in that p**y like it's summertime Boy I put in werk like Jose Jay filled, stay rollin in 4 lanes (dat loud) These dudes too weak, 140s Trust no man cuz they got ho ways Tell ‘em go to werk [Bridge: Fame Frasier] Now werk, errbody gon' werk Dem ugly girls stay unemployed but them s**y girls gon' werk Dem hustlers gon' f** with me and them broke boys gon hate Straight shots to the face, paper all that we chase Chorus

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