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[Intro: Fame Frasier] Boy I'm reppin' that 580 Shouts out to that 405 Can't forget that 918 Oklahoma my state [Hook: Fame Frasier] I rep that O-State Authentic, no fake Got real G's and bad b**hes You f**boys gon' hate I rep that O-State Errbody here loud Guarantee if the O up in it b**h we shut it down [Verse 1: Fame Frasier] (I rep that) I rep that O Everyday I should be slow I love me some Oklahoma girls they move it like they on poles Tryin to ball like D-Rose (hold up) Tryin to ball like KD Them freaks say they wanna taste me I chase girlies they chase me Gon work work work work, work it girl like your boss told ya Get it girl, get it girl Shake that a** like a crossover Thirteen13 got piff with me It's free promo if you dissin me Your girl say she missin me I rep O-state like Pistol Pete [Verse 2: Zone] Said hold up hold up Fame Don't want this sh** cuz it's ?? I'm reppin 4-hundred-and-five Are you reppin' yo lane? Know that 580 they don't play That 918 it go down And no matter my location I treat it like my hometown Say famme say famme ??????? Disrespect my city, that f** sh** get taboo Step across that borderline Ask around I'm just that dude Girls think I'm fly so I get beef, Zazu Chorus [Verse 3: YoungStar] O-state, where we flyer than snowflakes Swag fresher than colgate And I paperchase till my toes ache You disrespect then bones break Hit em up then bang on em And this the home of that Thunder So I tell parades we| rain on em Ay Famme homie what's good Let's talk about these women First they there Second they paint Third they freaks, winnin Yea I'm grinnin' Cuz I'm the king around this b**h without a stress On the head like Mitchell and Ness My state is the best Youngstar oh yes oh yes Chorus

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