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Fame Frasier - Turbulence lyrics

[Hook: Fame Frasier]
Girl I like what you what workin' wit swaggin' while she twerkin' it
Gone off all this drank it got me slurrin' shit
Boy I'm so fly I'm hittin' turbulence
Boy I'm so fly I'm hittin' turbulence
Militia who I lurk wit
In that Chevy swervin' it
Swear I got them wings up with the birds and shit
Boy I'm so fly I'm hittin' turbulence
Boy I'm so fly I'm hittin' turbulence

[Verse 1: Fame Frasier]
God damn, don't think I can get much higher
You could have those PF's and still wouldn't be flier
My swag never retires so I get who I desire, it's cold but I'm hot
Like I just jumped out the fire or a dryer, hell yeah I got the dope is you a buyer?
She say she got that work I might go head and hire
But only if she bad if she ugly I deny her
Addicted to the pussy and your girl is my supplier bitch I'm fire
Keep that money movin like some tires, I rep that double M murder mayhem that's Michael Myers
My bros stay smokin sticky like they twistin' up some Breyers
I swerve we swangin' on you bitches check out our attire
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And all this money we acquire, make your chick admire, we make her sing like the choir
Yeah, and all black umpires, double M and double S I'm a southsider


Hit a chick with that Louis
Large butt big boobies
I don't fuck with them Kewpies
Get these fiends cracks like dewie
Got a redbone call her Ruby, turn that music on get groovy
Hit her ass with that toolie, got that screwdriver I'm screwin'
Only main girls get smoochies
These other ones are hoochies
Line em up for schoolin' take their coochies in for bruisin'
Your babe told me she knew me, I step in and she choose me
Take her home make the movie, email that to you for viewing
If you I find you all in my zone, got ice cream need a cone
Bitch I got banks I don't give loans, if you broke I'm leavin you alone
Take a thick chick make her moan, she wanna bone me cuz I'm known
Call her love roofies she stoned, tell her send some pix to my phone, like
+Text back with your titties on it snapback with my city on it, wild girl wild girl, dog hoes+
+Text back with your titties on it, snapback with my city on it, need a wild girl get wild girl I dog hoes get your kitty on it+

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