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Fame Frasier - Southsider lyrics

[Verse 1: Fame Frasier]
OK, I'm an Oklahoma stater
Been gettin' paper bout my business like a mayor
My army super solid got them AKs with the sabers
My team got shootin' guards, they got Rugers with them lasers
I got a couple salesman keep that work ain't talkin labor
You cuff her like a pager she still do me like a favor
She know I got that hammer, I'mma hit her then I skate her
I roll my window down and throw my gang up Geoffrey Tabor

[Hook: Fame Frasier]
I'm a southsider
Ardmore player
Stackin bread boy my cake got layers
Every day I leave the crib with no money
And come back later with that motherf**in' paper
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[Verse 2: Fame Frasier]
I'm a southsider that's double SS
A militant from MM
Live in Carter county that's double C
Buy double things then double them
Whoa, check timin, tick tick tick shinin
In a red b**h like I'm Simon
Gold on my wrist like mining
Know a few girls wanna clone me
I don't call hoes that's phony
My team hot, she blow me
You see these players, no Sony
My friend ain't little like Tonies
One double down she bony
Got the sign on my dick it say thick chicks only

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