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Fame Frasier - Fell In Love lyrics

[Hook: Fame Frasier]
I wake up in the mornin'
Say hello to my bitches
I cannot catch no feelings but I'm steady catchin' riches
They look me in my eye and say baby don't you love me
I look at em reply tell em bitch I love the money uhhh
I fell in love with the money uhh
I fell in love with the money uhh
They look me in my eye and say baby don't you love me
I look at 'em reply tell em bitch I love the money uhhh

[Verse 1: Fame Frasier]
I think about the money all in my sleep
So I start chasin' that when I lace up them Jordan 3's
My alphabet fucked up it's all M's and G's
And I can't forget the fact that I'm a young P
Fame Music go follow, I'm swaggin' like a model
Double M till the world ends yea bitch that's still my motto
I'm in Hollister today I'll be in Levi's tomorrow
Don't let the swag fool you leave you headless Sleepy Hollow
Got them big guns like an army do
Not braggin' I'm warnin' you
My bros got them birds like a farmer do I'm on pharmaceut-
-ical double cup, bout to flip that double up
Miss doublemint got a bubble butt fuck her twice that's double guts, uh
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I'm tryin to tell em that I'm somethin' else
I swear the sex great cuz I don't need no fuckin' help
Do it for my fam with my clique and pay myself
Life's a bitch and I'mma buy that ho a Louis belt


[Verse 1: Fame Frasier]
Everyday like a relay I stay chasin' that cheesecake, eatin' good like I need weight
Don't worry mama I'mma be straight
Everytime I hop in the Chevy I'm peelin' off like a speed chase
Jealous people sayin I ain't good is you kiddin bitch I bleed great, goddamn
Strapped up like tony ain't talkin tiger, money, puffin that good gettin' higher and higher
Makin' it out of nothin I'm Fame aka Macguyver
Shout out to all the others but I'm a southsider
Had the scale on, with the cup on it weigh the good in it got it gone
While y'all sittin' back on the couch I grind to get what I want
Steady flippin' shit like flapjacks gymnastics how I get gold
But even though I'm a hustler I'll never sell my soul
Bitch I'm dope, old money like the pope
These fiends tell me yes, I ain't never heard a no
Swear I hold my city and my state down like a rope
Hustlin over time pushin' everything I got hope


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