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Fame Frasier - D lyrics

[Freestyle: Fame Frasier]
Million dollar dreams tryin' to turn em to reality
Ain't no fake up in me so you'll never get it out of me
Tryin' to have at least seven zeroes in my salary
My team ride hard and I ain't talkin' where the saddle be
Double M my clique I salute it till the casket drop
Only to a real, silicones tend to act a lot
Never face to face they be talkin' to my back a lot
Cuz they know I'll crack their egg like it's Easter and the basket drop
Oh yeah bitch I'm nasty hot, like to keep my cash in knots
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Drippin in the caramel bitch like I'm Baskin Rob'
Meet her in that Chevy oh yea mayn boy I smash a lot
Catch me in that Chevy gettin brain I'm in class a lot
Let's go to the mall buy some shit you know I'mma ball you can't be fresh if what you wear is what your momma bought
You don't want war I will murder like the Holocaust
If think you do just call me you know the drama brought
Bitch I run with G's, and I ain't talkin bout the Packers
You get dealt with by me I bet the sirens comin after
No I ain't never killed nobody no sir I am not an actor
But to receive that cash I'm crackin backs, chiropracter, Fame

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