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Fame Frasier - Script lyrics

[Intro: Fame Frasier]
I ain't drunk bro, I'm good

[Hook: Fame Frasier]
I'm on that drank
Feelin' faded
Never too turnt up
Cuz imma make it
On that L.O.U.D. I feel amazin'
Whether it's shots or them bitches, we don't chase ‘em

[Hook: Fame Frasier] x2
We don't chase ‘em (never chase ‘em) we be stickin' to the script
Naw we don't chase ‘em (never chase ‘em we be stickin' to the script

[Verse 1: Fame Frasier]
Ok, first, start, I don't ever chase no hoes
I don't ever chase no drank
It's straight shots with my bros
Yea dey my millies, Milliville
Finna show the world what's really real
Fuck swaggin' we swangin
Girls is hangin, they can pop pills and chill
Now werk werk, y'all already know that I put in that werk
Pourin liquor rollin' up some earth
And there she got some ass, I gotta see it twerk
Only for real millies (real millies)
Gon' put on a show for all my real millies, work hard like hillbillies (hold up)

[Bridge: Famme Frasier]
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I hustle hard and rep my gang baby lookin' like she want me
I'mma see if she can sing
I swear that the shit's some gas, that she should be in the tank
And I'm forever doin' me don't give a fuck ‘bout what you think

Hook x2


[Verse 2: Famme Frasier]
Yo boy, ain't no actin', follow that code, stick to the script
Thinkin' bout shit I'mma get when I'm rich
Humble as hell I ain't never had this
Caramel skin let me get me a dip
Lips so thick just like dem hips
Hips so thick just like them lips
I got the right thang I can hit that with
Uhhh, levels and shit
Want a rolex with the bezels and shit
Gotta be a freak to get in my sheets
Gotta go down lick huevos and shit
Ooh girl, I know you like me
Can't find you another ain't nothin' like me
6'2” real cool hoes like me
Swim in the pussy can't stroke like me


Hook x2


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