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False Ego - For Her (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse: Shawn May]
I'm sorry for the ignorant sh** I was on
All the lies I done told like I was moving on
I said my heart moved, it never did from you
I'm only spitting cuz this my only type of proof
I miss the nicknames
I miss the love games
I regret the pain I've caused
You know I have flaws
But you loved me for me
And you still do
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So I gots to prove my goddamn love to you
Even through all the sh**
Even through all the lies
Even when I keep asking my damn self why
I've never had a girl as true as you
You know a girl can't love me like you do
The feeling is mutual
I know I gotta change for the better
Stop treating you like sh**, listen up to this letter
And spend the rest of our f**ing together
This is for Heather

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