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False Ego - Fell Alright Be Alright lyrics

[Verse 1: Jayes]
Wake up late and roll the dope
Chilling with three hoes and they like the snow
You would think I'm Santa Claus
Catch my jet Santana Moss
Take that bandanna off
Nike band around my head
Tryna live my life and stack my bread (let me stack it)
Not tryna wife, I just want her in my bed, for the night
But if I hit it twice, I might have to hit it thrice
Only if that p**y nice
Puerto Rican so she know I like the chicken with my rice
Chicken with my rice

[Hook: Jayes]
Baby what you tryna do tonight?
Tryna feel alright
Tryna feel alright
Tryna feel alright
(aye, aye, aye)
Tryna feel alright
Tryna feel alright
Put that kush up to the light and you gon feel alright
Pour this liquor in your cup and baby you gon feel alright
Feel alright
Feel alright
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Baby we gon be alright
We gon be alright, we gon be alright
Come with me, baby you gon be alright
You gon be alright

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[Verse 2: TBoy]
Mixing all them damn d** you ain't gon be alright
Pound a 40, f** a shorty, you'll be feeling nice
She only want you for your price
Gold digger with a big booty so I guess I'll hit it for the night
And I'm out before its bright (So bright)
Put a light to this L
Its aight that we'll tell everyone
They will come, kick you to the curb
You're some scum
End up in a bag
Don't get it?
You're dumb


[Verse 3: Jayes]
Last verse
If you leave that sh** around we might just go through your purse
Need that guap
Need that green I need that guac
Keep it lowkey and that sh** on lock
I won't stop as long as I'm alive (Nah)
I'm gon keep that sh** in drive (Skrt Skrt)
Always prosper, always strive
Its gon be a rocky road, baby is you down for the ride?
Don't believe everything you told, girl just open up your mind
Think of all the sh** we gon find
Everything we do, know that I'm gon be with you
You gon be alright, we gon be alright

Feel alright we gon be alright x8

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