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False Ego - Every Piece lyrics

(Verse 1)
Girl I don't do that here
In Compton I hit from rear
It's so clear
I suggest your wishes are near
Finished off fear
I'll tell you when the coast is clear
But this West part is beer
And liquor peer
I tried drinking when you're near
You had this fear
Don't worry baby I'm here
Don't worry Baby I'm here x 4
Don't worry Baby I'm here x 5

(Hook) x 2
Coast x 3
Is my home that's so close
I need to doze

(Verse 2)
Sleep x 3
You don't mind I creep
If I take your heart and keep
Go back to sleep
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Before you know I creep
Every word is absurd occurred
You know I curve
Every text occur
Left on read and seen
Part of his heart texts came from this soulless teen
Cause he been on a creed
Record dirty clean
Doesn't matter between A or B
It was it or me
That's a favoring thing
It used a lot of things like Ching or cling
That's his thing
If you seen this creature
Don't get scared
It loves you
From here to everywhere
It ain't scary out here x 2
Tell me everything you need
Like love or a chair so you can pa** out
Then can breath
Hey I'm here whatcha' need
Some one to take every Piece

(Hook) x 5

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