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False Ego - Damn Thing lyrics



I struggled for a minute what you know bout it
Now I got a bag my shawty gon count it
Told the fam we finna eat soon just don't doubt it
So If I feel some shade then I won't go round it

Cuz they don't know a damn thing
They don't know a damn thing about me at all
Said they don't know a damn thing
They don't know a damn thing about me at all


A lot of sh** up on my mind i gotta ventilate
I keep it a stack I never been a fake
I don't need nobody to put food up on my dinner plate
The way I'm livin' so damn fast i need to hit the brakes

Put the fam above it all they're who I hustle for
Different numbers sh** be movin' off a couple phones
One by one seen friends in jail or fall in love with dope
Not to mention my n***a died a few months ago

My old ways I'm tryna leave behind
Just to get a little peace of mind
While in pursuit of this dream of mine
I know some people schemin' when they see me grind

Type of sh** that makes me think I need to keep a 9
Under my pillow , Hope i don't wake up
Fame is on the way but it won't change us
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Getting everything I deserve Takin no pay cuts
So even when a n***a shining man I won't Say much



About me at all, yeah yeah, about me at all
I said not a damn thing at all (2x)


I'm the motherf**in' man god damn
Im just living my life following Gods plans
Humbled at the fact that a n***a got fans
Pull up to the show now a n***a got bands

So don't expect a hand out if you are not fam
Foreign women wit me and they all got tans
And while they pop xans and they clapping for me
Im feelin' so blessed without Having to sneeze

I don't stay long if i don't like the vibe of it
Ya negativity i don't have the time for it
(Yeah) and please pardon my french
Thinkin' deep with the blunt lit pardon the stench

As as hard it gets I'm putting up a fight
Stressing for perfection got me up at night
Slowly making every dream come to life
But since they hating I must be doing something right and that's real..


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