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False Ego - Ballerina lyrics

[verse 1: TITG]

Ballerina, i'm your type
Trust me girl its worth the hype
Your performance on that stage
Front row seats everyday
Honestly i love your vibe
Baby come and take a ride
In that new whip
Take long trips
Tall glass take short sips
Hey girl i ain't joking
Tuesday parties like makonnen
Every time i'm in the booth
All i think about is u
Is your favorite color blue?
Am i right is that true?
My feelings stay so true
Ain't no other girl like u

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She a ballerina
She got moves like Aliyah
She a ballerina
She a princess like Sophia

[verse 2: TITG]

Girl, i can take u far
Having u dancing with the stars
Looking gorgeous in that tutu
10 over 10 oh yeah true true
Blonde hair and those pink lips
Tights on and hair clips
Mirror pose take pics
Instagram your friendships
I can't waste no time
I'm tryna make u mine
In this life of love and lust
All we need is trust
Passcodes to iphones
Customize my ringtone
Ballerina such a diva
With u girl my grass is greener

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