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False Ego - All Alone lyrics

This is just an introduction I guess
I'm erasing all my past relations; vacant and stressed
Slow it down so you can take it in best
But I think I'm gonna fake it til I place in the test
That I'm unprepared for. And therefore I'm opposite
Of studious. Her gluteus is maximizing stares or
The gaze of one who dares, boy, I'm not it
A top pick. And I hate it when I lose my train of topic. Nics. It's Nics
Nics again, flowing till the story hits the end. Ight

This is it. Spit it proper like a kit
Not a jersey but I'm early with the knit
Cause you know we keep it... tight (uh-huh)
Yeah you know we keep it... tight (uh-huh) check it
And this is nicer than my first, Bet my last'll be my worst
Hauling ass before I end up in a Hirsch
Boy I'm chilling with the best and I'm in the zone
Shine bright, my light when I'm all alone

[Verse 1]
This is a verse. And I promise you'll respect me for it
I'm not a savage in the streets, my mom would hate me for it
Instead I'm rhyming over beats that I ain't make before I
Took 'em on a date. They call me Nate cause I'm a Nature Boy
Count 'em 16 times before you check my phrasing
And Charlotte called her shot and killed a Bellabration
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I finally found the heart in me to show elation
And that's a real good sign in such a basic nation
Close your eyes and let me take you to a better place and
You got the keys but I'mma drive to keep a cool equation
I use persuasion just to get you on a cruise vacation
And while you're gone I'm finna drop myself a new creation
I'm talking lights. Cameras flash to capture cash
The paparazzi get cocky when things are moving fast
Show your ass and you'll prolly place below your class
Show your passion more then eventually it all will pass
To all my brothers in Fallacy arms
Listen very closely to the words of the song
Dany got the juice, Tarantino's the Don
Young DaVinci's killing shit and Nasty's flow is the bomb
Uh, we're so excellent we fit in with the rest of them
I find a crest and pin it right onto my chest and then
They placed me with the best until it's too late to regress again
I'm flowing wetter than what ships are so invested in
You find it hard to tell me to digress cause I'm a mess within
That's a fault, bruh, I'm just doing the best I can
Check your mans because he likely got a flexing plan
If shit has got you stressed forget the rest and fix yourself a brand
ASG forget the F it's Fallacies
We're balanced like a breakfast while we snapping all the doubt we see
You're counting me... out but, boy, you're bout to be
Astonished. Honestly I'm like a promise that you're bound to keep


Shine bright, my light when I'm all alone

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