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24 Verse: Where should I be at 24? Graduated? With a wife ready to have a baby? Getting married? At the reception like, "Look, mom and Daddy I made it!" But, I haven't, and I hate it Cuz I'm an addict to the way that the words travel from my pages To your avenues, I have to do what I have to do to make it Feel like I'm rapping to you naked. Cuz I bare it all When the world tell you that your music's flammable as aerosol But, you drop tracks, they don't react. Matter fact they don't care at all Maybe they lied. Spare your feelings, maybe they tried But, you going bananas, your morale is just peeling inside, huh? They always told you reach for the stars, but they never told you that the road to the closest one is about 90 million miles long sh**. Feels like it Now, you playing music for your main squeeze hoping she'll like it She doesn't Cuz it wasn't what the radio plays On a day to day basis So, it doesn't deserve a standing ovation Prime example of the kind of contagion That stands in your way when You got the cure, but they want you to be patient Trynna build a foundation for my eulogy statement If fate was in front of you would you chase it? Gonna be big as Notorious, one day. I can taste it, n***a Hook: But, Biggie died at 24 (24) But, Biggie died at 24 (24) You know Biggie died at 24 (24)? Yeah, Biggie died at 24 (24) I said Biggie died at 24 (24) Who the f** am I at 24? (Who the f** are you at 24?) I said Biggie died at 24 (24) Who the f** am I at 24? (Who the f** are you at 24?)

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